The ultimate screw-driving tools for the pro who needs corded power and speed in drywall applications. The SENCO DuraSpin DS200-S4 collated screw system comes conveniently assembled to a rugged 4,000 rpm screwdriver, and is capable of driving drywall screws ranging from 1″ – 2″ in length. The DS200-S4 comes complete with the DuraSpin collated screw feed system, mounted on a SENCO screwdriver, in a rugged carrying case and two spare bits. FEATURES: Pain-Free Productivity – DuraSpin collated screws make even the novice or apprentice user as fast as the most experienced bulk screw user. Plus, collated screws mean no more screw slivers underneath your fingernails, or painful finger cuts from bulk screws. Reduced Waste – Eliminate the waste experienced with bulk screws (can be 10% to 15% of total screws used). Patented SENCO DuraSpin feed system drives screws quickly and efficiently without jams or misfeeds. Ergonomic design – May be used with a one-handed or two-handed grip. Cushioned second hand grip provides added comfort and reduced exertion. Easy Depth-of-Drive Adjustment – Just turn the thumb screw to regulate the precise amount of countersink. Quick Release – Feed system snaps off to give easy bit access. Adjustable Nose Piece – Easily adjusts tool for screw sizes from 1″ – 2″ (25 mm – 50 mm). Super-Tough Drive Bits – Outlasts the competition. Optional extension is available, to comfortably drive ceiling screws from a standing position. SENCO’s Full One Year Warranty. Modular design – Snaps together quickly and easily (with no tools). Optional Extension – Extends tool to 38″ long – screw off decks without bending or drywall ceilings without stilts. SPECIFICATIONS: RPM: – 4000 rev/min Height: – 9.25″ (235 mm) Length: – 18.5″(470 mm) Weight: – 4.9 lb (2.2 kg) Fastener Capacity: – 50 screws (per strip)

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Milwaukee Sawzall Bi-Metal Blades 6″ x 24T

Super Sawzall blades are made with Matrix II high speed steel teeth containing 8 percent Cobalt to keep a sharper tooth edge longer. The tough Bi-Metal design allows faster cuttin

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TyRex D550-18 is a 18 Volt Cordless Screwgun. From drywall to decking to floor sheathing, the versatility of the D550-18V is unmatched. Engineered for a wide variety of screw fastening applications, the D550-18V drives 1″ to 3″ screws and is designed with a reverse switch to back out driven screws.


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Base, motor housing and end-shields made from cast iron, cast aluminum and steel depending on the model. CSA NRT/C certified, OSHA compliant. Dust collection port and hoses on all models except 82061 Large, cast aluminum tool rests tilt for angle grinding Includes tool rest, spark arrestors, eyeshields, one 36 grit and one 60 grit grinding wheel, an 6 ft., 3-conductor power cord., Manufacturer: Palmgren

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